Radio LM gets results for the people of Agordeke-Ziope in the Volta Region.

Hon. Charles Agbeve. MP for Agotime-Ziope constituency

Residents of Agordeke, a community in the Ziope-Kpetoe constituency of the Volta region can now heave a sigh of relief as Radiolm’s intervention has brought a temporary end to what could be described as chronic water crisis in that community.

It all started when one of the residents posted the heartbreaking water situation of his community on Facebook, calling for help from the central government, nongovernmental organisations and philanthropists. LIAMS Foundation being an NGO concerned with issues affecting less-privileged people, called the Member of Parliament, Charles Agbeve for an interview on the Radiolm morning show.

The MP conceded that the situation in that part of his constituency was indeed a matter of emergency, and promised to intervene. However, with the immeasurable support by the LIAMS Foundation, Radiolm news team journeyed to the said community from Accra. It was a long and tedious journey, but gradually we finally arrived.

Agordeke is a community of about 150 to 200 residents predominantly peasant farmers. In the dry season, they get busy with Kente weaving.

The arrival of the news team fortunately coincided with a sod cutting ceremony for the construction of a three classroom block for the Agordeke D/A basic school.

These are the structures that have been serving as classrooms for the school. According to the headmaster of the school, Harrison Dzreke, teachers refuse posting to the community due to the water crisis and the discouraging nature of the school structures.

The Member of Parliament, Charles Agbeve who has been in parliament for only two months took the trouble to secure a five thousand litre polytank for the community, which he referred to as a temporary measure. He said in an interview with Radiolm news that the tank would be filled with water to be sold to the residents so as to generate money to always fill the tank for use by the people.

Black Sam. Radio LM News Team

There were two boreholes constructed and another two uncompleted which were supposed to be the solution to the water challenge in the Agordeke community, but the residents say they have to pump for about forty-five minutes before the water begins to drip, even that, it ceases after filling about only five basins.

According to the residents, the situation has been so unbearable that they had to put themselves into groups. If one group gets water today another also gets it the next day.

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother if invention. The people themselves have dug some pits in the bush far from home where they are compelled to spend the night at the sight to enable them beat competition for the water.

It will even marvel you the kind of water the people are struggling to get. You may not use it to wash your feet, let alone drink it. That is how bad the situation is, but thankfully, a single interview with the MP for the area has brought some interim relief to the community.

Source: Andreas Kamasah

Supporting people living with autism - New Horizon Center

Liam Foundation visited the ’New Horizon Center’ an autism school in Accra on the 21st July 2016.
The foundation conducted a free medical screening and provided drugs to patients in need.
The staff of the ‘New Horizon School’ expressed their gratitude for the donations given to them by Liams Foundation.

After the free medical screening, items like toys, books, etc.. were also offered to the children.


A trip to the Volta Region

Many children in the rural communities are becoming school drop outs simply because they lack necessary materials like school uniforms, books, clothes etc..

We found out that some of the reasons why their parents were not able to afford the basic needs for their children’s education were the high cost of living and the fact that schools were located in hard to reach areas.

On March 3rd 2015, Liams Foundation embarked on a journey to Agbagidikorpe, Amegatsekope, Agbozume and Ablemakorpe in the Volta Region with the mission to support the kids with schools materials ( books, uniforms etc… ) and to conduct a survey to determine the cost of building a school nearby and to provide them with a borehole ( 3 of 4 the communities visited actually lacked potable drinking water).



We are planning toward building a school and a key soap facility nearby Agbozume.

Please support this project.

Donations to Asylum Down Psychiatric Hospital, Accra.

On the 31st of August 2016, we visited Asylum Down Psychiatric Hospital in Accra.

During our visit, we got to know that the hospital was lacking important medicines. We took note of their needs and supplied them with some medications they were lacking.

Rev. Horlali Williams (founder of Liams Foundation) shaking hands with the head of hospital.

The head nurse of the hospital received the items on behalf of the hospital. Nurses and workers at the Hospital facility expressed their profound gratitude for the kind gesture shown by Liams Foundation.

The aim of our organization is to improve the socio economic, health, education and human rights of the vulnerable in the society.

PS: In November this year, Liams Foundation will be donating medicines to the 37 Military Hospital in Accra.

Are you a philantropist or medical institution?

Just recently, the 37 Military hospital provided us with a list of important medicines that they are in need of.

Support us financially or with some of the needed medications so that we can be of help to the hospital.

Click here and contact us for details on how you can help.


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