About Us

Interview with the founder Rev. Horlali Williams

Liams Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded in October 17, 2014 by Rev. Horlali Williams, a Home Health Consultant in the United States of America.

The organization’s target is to improve the socio-economic, health, education and human rights of orphans, vulnerable children and women in society.

Liams Foundation boast of a young and highly motivated staff, and is devoted to bring back smiles to the faces of the less privileged in society.

Rev. Horlali Williams has a passion to take care of the needy, not only because she has once been a victim of such circumstance, but because she believes “it is a calling”.

She believes that setting up the foundation will serve as a medium where funds, donations will be gathered to reduce hunger and to support or better the living conditions of the needy.

Moreover she believes that the expertise and evidence needed to solve pressing problems such as poverty and poor governance in most cases already exists. Progress is held back too often due to a lack of leadership and political will to identify and deliver solutions.

Looking at the spectrum of people and organization that Liams Foundation deals with, confidentiality is a key element. This help build donors enthusiasm to freely express themselves for the appropriate intervention and also strengthen the relationship between donors and our organization.

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